For Seller

If you want to sell your property, here's how to explain our form. One of our real estate agents will manage your property from the first contact and monitor the entire transaction process.

  1. Market study. We visit the property and make a free evaluation based on actual market competition. As a result, our recommended retail price will be determined to complete the operation within a regulatory deadline.
  2. Multi-Exclusive Contract. One of our biggest competitive advantages is to belong to the MLS (Multiple Listing System). A network formed by the main local, national and international agencies, all working according to the same protocols of action to achieve the widest possible dissemination of the public products. This allows us to share your property in several countries exclusively with thousands of agencies in Spain, where 10 of them are based in Santa Pola.
  3. Obtaining documentation. We develop and update the dossier of documentation regarding to the offered property for sale in order to efficiently develop the commercial work.
    • a. We create the necessary documentation: Deeds, NIE’s, Simple Note, Mortgage, IBI, Electricity, Water, Community Fees, ITE, possible violations of the city ... These data create transparency and tranquility at the time of the transaction.
    • b. We identify and update the competition, its pricing and features to develop sales arguments for our product.
  4. Custom sales plan. We have developed a marketing plan to make the product more visible and to use the most advanced tools on the market to find the future buyers.
    • a. Modern and actualised website, well positioned in the market and the main showcase of our office.
    • b. We invest to advertise the property in the most important professional real estate portals in Spain (Idealista, Fotocasa, ...)
    • c. Every day we work with a renowned real estate software with a large database that will help us to share information with potential buyers.
    • d. We make a photographic report about the property, descriptive text, SEO, videos, floor plans, etc., and improve its image to present it in the most visually appealing way.
    • e. We present and share our properties with around 50 local real estate agents from our MLS network via a WhatsApp group.
    • f. Our social networks also provide us with an important number of contacts who are interested in the advertised properties.
  5. Sales and after-sale processes.
    • a. During the sales process, we are in regular contact with the seller and provide information about commercial activities carried out, like visits to the property and other interesting things.
    • b. Once the buyer has been found, we will write down a contract to reserve the property, inform the parties and inform them of the steps necessary to complete the buying process.
    • c. We control the transaction's taxes and fees as well as the energy efficiency certificate, technical building inspection, anticipation certificates or stability if required.
    • d. We advise on tax and legal issues of sale (capital gains, cancellation of mortgages, taxation of legal acts ...)
    • e. We prepare all papers of the sale for the notary, supervise the process and accompany the day of signing the deeds.
    • f. We help in the after-sales process like name change in the Town Hall and Cadastre as well as the supply of all accommodations (electricity, water ...).
  6. Advices on rentals.
    • a. We find properties that are liable to be rented.
    • b. We inform the landlord about the rental price.
    • c. We are looking for tenants who are interested in renting the house, apartment or the office.
    • d. We inform the landlord about the applicant's personal and professional situation as well as the guarantees for the payment of his income.
    • e. We recommend the landlord to create an inventory of the goods offered with the property.
    • f. We create the lease for signature by both parties.

With all this information under control, we will be able to present the property for sale with maximum transparency and security for our clients.

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